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MINEMA Chemicals offers the inspiring innovator a full range of laboratory chemicals and reagents. As the proud leading supplier of chemicals, reagents and labware, we have established distributive channels in and around South Africa. Our online store makes this process easy, with our range of chemicals at your fingertips. You can simply search and download your MSDS or spec, select your desired chemical and then proceed to checkout. We then take the wheel and make sure your order arrives safely. While we love the fact that we can make your lives that much easier, we want to build a relationship with you that extends beyond a mere click of the button. Nothing beats good old-fashioned one-to-one engagement, where we know for sure we can provide you with what you need. So, let’s bond and make great things happen!

To all New Customers, in three simple steps this is how it all works:

Find your Documentation

Do you need your MSDS and Specification Documents? It’s simple! You just type your product into the applicable search bar and click on the correct link that pops up to download your MSDS or Specification Document. If you need a Certificate of Analysis, all you need to do is type in the batch number, visible on your product, into the applicable search bar. You can then download the Certificate of Analysis from the correct option that appears.

Search for MSDS or Specification Documents?

Simply type in the name of your desired product into the search engine and download the MSDS and Specification Sheets from the options available

Do you need a Certificate of Analysis?

It’s easy! Just type in the correct batch number of your product into the search bar and download the correct certificate of analysis from the options available

Contact Us

Let’s bond! Do you want to form a connection that can truly inspire great things? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Get in touch with us and together let us make your dreams a reality. Should you have any queries regarding how this all works, we are more than happy to assist you. All you need to do is contact us through one of these options below.


To All Business Associates

March 2020

Over the years we’ve seen many American movies depicting uncontrolled viruses wreaking havoc on society, with entire cities or countries in total lockdown. Science Fiction has become reality and we’ve been thrown into a surreal existence where none of us are aware of the end point. Realistically all we can do is the best to protect ourselves and families, while contributing to the monumental global efforts being brough to contain the spread.

It is vitally important that we all support the President’s actions; that we support our communities & families and that we encourage all of those around us to take all the precautionary measures that are being advised. By doing this, our people, our country and our businesses will recover once we overcome the pandemic.


Most of our employees are now working from their home base. Our Sales Team, in particular, are set up with full access to our IT network and are able to support your requests for quotes, process your orders and answer general queries.

Our warehouse is operational on a skeleton staff reduced reduced hours, however we are able to prepare and make orders available. We have cleaning and sanitising services on site to limit or contain spread of the virus. We’ve deemed it unsafe to continue our delivery service, however we are making all urgent orders available for collection from our Sales Office in Randpark Ridge against a 24 hour notice, where sanitising measures are also in place.

MINEMA has been accepted by the SA government as an essential service provider and our Certificate to this effect is posted in the Documents page on our website.

MINEMA Emergency 065 912 5318

An emergency number has been initiated with Whatsapp service added and you are invited to use this if you are unable to make contact with our offices. We will attend to your needs to the very best that we possibly can.

Our website will also be updated regularly with news or information while we try to make as many positives of this situation.

Marc Hall

Managing Director

+27 (0) 861 MINEMA (646362)